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How Our Drain Cleaning Product Works

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Are you having trouble getting rid of stubborn clogs? So-Flo Liquid Solutions has just the right drain products apt for Sovent maintenance and so much more. And since our drain cleaners contain a biological enzyme that spurs chemical reactions to break down the clogs in your drains, you can say goodbye to your plumbing woes!

What Solutions Do We Offer?

So-Flo Liquid Solutions offers two types of liquid drain cleaners, including enzyme drain cleaners and chemical drain cleaners. Our chemical options work by triggering chemical reactions that involve the movement of electrons. Depending on the kind of drain cleaner used, they either take or give electrons to the clogging substance, generating heat that helps break down clog materials.

What Are Chemical Drain Cleaners?

Chemical drain cleaners get rid of clogs by either taking or giving electrons to clogging substances. By doing so, they trigger a chemical reaction that ultimately gets rid of clogs.

There are three types of chemical drain cleaners:

Caustic- These cleaners contain bases that lose electrons to clogs and have hydroxide ions that spark reactions to clear clogs.

Oxidizing- These cleaners contain chemicals like nitrates that cause clog materials to lose electrons and become oxidized.

Acidic- These cleaners have high levels of hydrochloric or sulfuric acids that spur chemical reactions by attracting electrons clogs, releasing heat that melts clog materials such as grease.

What Are Enzyme Drain Cleaners?

Enzyme drain cleaners are a gentler option compared to chemical-based cleaners. Enzymes contained in the solutions help break down organic matter in the drains. An Enzyme drain cleaner is less damaging to plumbing systems but may not be as effective as chemical cleaners in removing stubborn clog matter.

For a reliable drain cleaning service, turn to So-Flo Liquid Solutions. We’ll be your partner in biological drain maintenance. Our bacteria drain cleaner is the best in the market, guaranteeing you a quick and affordable solution to your drain cleaning needs. Get in touch with us today for lasting drain solutions.

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