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Grease Guard Max


Grease Guard Max - The Leading Grease Trap Cleaning Solution

An effective way to prevent disruptive and potentially costly drain system issues is with the use of a reliable grease eradication solution. This is exactly what you'll get from Grease Guard Max. It's a cost-effective biological drain line preventative maintenance system available from So-Flo Liquid Solutions that's ideal for commercial drain systems.

Grease Guard Max is a grease trap solution designed to mitigate drain issues from accumulated fats, oils, and grease – F.O.G. It's also a commercial grease-cutting product that addresses a wide range of drain issues, including ones involving slow drains, blockages, and foul drain odors.

Benefits and Advantages

Unlike any other grease eradication system, Grease Guard Max is an all-natural, environmentally safe product. It's an investment that can pay off many times over thanks to its ability to keep drain systems functioning properly.


What's more, it's a highly reliable and time-saving grease trap cleaning solution that minimizes the risk of grease trap and interceptor failure. Including Grease Guard Max as part of your regular grease trap and drain cleaning process also means you'll benefit from:


  • Fewer business operation disruptions

  • Drains that work more efficiently

  • A perfectly safe product for your plumbing system

How It Works

Grease Guard Max works with the help of active – or live – bacteria that digests organic matter. The bacteria colonize and travel throughout the drain system to create a "bio-film," which is essentially an added layer of protection. It zeros in on the organic materials that often affect commercial drains and grease traps by facilitating the breakdown and elimination process. You'll be rewarded with commercial drains that are free of blockages and odors and easier to maintain.


Does Grease Guard Max avoid the need for grease trap removal?

What Grease Guard Max does very well is maintain optimal flow, which could certainly minimize the need for frequent grease trap removal.


How does Grease Guard Max help eliminate drain odors?

Much of the unpleasant odors coming from commercial drains are the result of the breakdown of organic matter. Grease Guard Max speeds up this process, which reduces drain odor issues in turn.


Is this eradication system easy to use and maintain?

Simply replace the container of Grease Guard Max every few weeks or so along with the batteries in the injection system. We're also available if you have any follow-up questions about use and maintenance.

Count on Our Team

So-Flo Liquid Solutions is your trusted source for drain cleaning products and guidance with single-stack Sovent drain systems. You'll also appreciate choosing us and our top-notch products that include Grease Guard Max. As one of our commercial clients, you'll also benefit from our consistent focus on quality and complete customer satisfaction.

We proudly serve commercial clients nationwide looking for affordable and reliable products that make the drain and grease trap cleaning process more convenient. It's an ideal solution for restaurant kitchens and other environments where drains are heavily used and exposed to grease and other organics.

Reach Out to Us Today

Worried about your grease trap? Let So-Flo Liquid Solutions provide you with a reliable answer through Grease Guard Max. Get in touch with us today and benefit from this amazing product that will address your grease trap concerns promptly and effectively.

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