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About the Leading Drain Supplier

So-Flo Liquid Solutions specializes in drain products and consultations for commercial clients considering Sovent systems. We provide convenient, affordable access to Earth-friendly and truly innovative and effective biological drain maintenance supplies. Our liquid solutions are unique, innovative, and designed to save you time and money by keeping your drains flowing.

Why Clients Choose Us

We have earned a reputation as an industry leader. We also lead the way in customer approval thanks to the world-class service we provide for every one of our commercial clients. Additionally, we guarantee you'll receive only the best drain cleaners and Sovent consulting services from us.


Our drain products also stand out in all the best ways possible thanks to:


  • Rigorous testing

  • Testing for bacteria strain purity

  • Finished product testing

  • Strict quality criteria


We are ready to work with individual clients and companies of varying sizes looking for innovative products and top-notch consulting services. We invite you to make a smart investment and explore our environmentally friendly products and make the most of our thorough knowledge of Sovent drainage systems.

Who We Serve

So-Flo Liquid Solutions serves commercial clients nationwide. Drains, whether in restaurants, hotels, manufacturing plants, high-rise buildings, large plants, or other facilities, handle a lot of substances on a regular basis. These materials typically include grease, fats, sugars, proteins, and other biological substances. Over time, a steady flow of biological-based liquids and solids can cause drains to back up, clog, or slow down.


We serve all commercial customers looking to minimize the many issues that can impact commercial drain flow – and do it in a way that's not going to involve frequent and invasive cleanings. Our products are designed for use on Sovent systems. However, our proprietary products can be just as effective on other types of commercial drain lines and systems.


Become one of our commercial clients and you'll benefit from:


  • Biological-based products

  • Safe, affordable cleaning products that won't harm your drains

  • Transparent, reasonable pricing

  • Consulting services that address your concerns and needs

  • Easy access to our team by phone or via our convenient online form

About Our Drain Products

Our drain products are made with helpful, carefully tested, and quality-controlled bacteria. Our signature product is So-Flo Plus, an exclusive product that's the only one recommended by a leading Sovent system manufacturer. All our manufactured products contain beneficial bacteria that produce enzymes. These "good proteins" serve as biological catalysts. In other words, they digest the harmful organic materials that tend to clog or reduce flow in commercial drains.

About Our Sovent Consulting Service

Have you thought about switching to a single-stack drainage Sovent system? If you're new to this newer approach to commercial drainage, we're here to give you the information you'll need to make a well-informed decision. Through our Sovent consulting services, you'll have a chance to benefit from our knowledge and experience with this type of patented drainage system. We make sure to work with licensed professional contractors. As part of our consulting service, we conduct an initial camera inspection and assessment to assist customers in determining their best options moving forward. Our team can also help vet experienced contractors for their needs.

Reach Out to Our Team

When it comes to your Sovent system or commercial drains, make sure to rely on the industry leader. So-Flo Liquid Solutions offer only the best for our clients, so call us or fill out the form today for more information or for a consultation.

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