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What it Means to Meet the U.S. EPA Safer Products Standards

Drain cleaners help keep our plumbing systems running smoothly. Blocked drains are annoying and disrupt our day-to-day activities. There are two types of drain cleaners: chemical drain and biological enzyme cleaners. Both products work to remove debris and food particles stuck in our plumbing system. Most plumbers prefer using liquid drain cleaners like hydrogen peroxide and sodium hypochlorite to unclog drains. However, responsible prefer biological enzyme cleaners.

Safer Choice Labeling Requirements

Always use Sovent maintenance products that have passed the U.S. EPA Safer Products Standards tests. The cleaning products used must have a safety label indicating all the chemical ingredients used in the product.

The requirements for drain cleaning solution products are as follows:

  • Performance testing

  • Sustainable packaging

  • Inspection and audit

  • Ingredient disclosure

Double-check its safety rating before purchasing a chemical drain cleaner to remove unwanted grease or oil residues obstructing your drains. If possible, go with biological drain maintenance products; they have fewer to no side effects environmental-wise.

Chemical Drain Cleaners Versus Biological Enzymes

A plumber can either use the Sovent cleaning products or an enzyme drain cleaner to dissolve and flush away the contaminants in the drains. Some of the enzyme drain cleaning solutions used are toxic and therefore potentially harmful to the environment as well as humans.

Get Professional Drain Cleaning Help

Consult with seasoned plumbers to learn the safest drain products to use. Banned Sovent cleaning products often leak into underwater sources, effectively poisoning any aquatic life residing there.

Put on safety gloves and glasses and follow all the instructions carefully, even when using recommended biological enzyme drain cleaning products. Flush drains with plenty of water after using chemical drain cleaners.

If you're unsure about the safety of any drain cleaning product, call So-Flo Liquid Solutions today for foolproof advice and environment-friendly products!

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