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Common Sovent System Issues

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

Property managers responsible for buildings that have more than five stories or other high-rise structures are tasked with keeping the facility in optimal condition. One of the ways this can be done is through Sovent system maintenance. The goal is to make sure that the Sovent system, which is responsible for removing or facilitating the disposal of wastewater as well as acting as the vent system of the building, is running smoothly at all times.

While the Sovent system is touted as the most innovative and latest breakthrough in the DWV industry, it’s not without its unique challenges. So-Flo Liquid Solutions takes a look at some of the common issues that a Sovent system might come across.

Pipe Duct Wear and Tear

Since the Sovent plumbing system works day in and day out, the pipes are exposed to an accelerated rate of wear and tear. While Sovent systems are specially designed to be able to withstand years and years of constant use, no plumbing system is immune to eventual deterioration. One ideal way to deal with this issue is to work with a Sovent consulting specialist to figure out which Sovent setup is the most suitable for the type of building you’re managing.

This way, you’ll end up with a Sovent plumbing system that won’t give out prematurely.

Restricted Lines

Sovent systems function with the help of Sovent fittings called aerators and deaerators. The aerators are what regulates the flow of wastes, while the deaerators that are installed at the base of the Sovent stack facilitate the hitch-free passage of the waste into the horizontal drain. Problems with these fittings can result in restricted effluent flow. Your Sovent contractor should make sure that all the fittings are installed correctly, not too tight and not too loose.


Due to the volume of waste, Sovent systems can also become backed up. This is mainly due to lack of maintenance and routine cleaning. Fortunately, there are safe and efficient cleaning solutions available, like our renowned So-Flo Plus product.

Contact So-Flo Liquid Solutions today to understand more about your Sovent system and how to best tackle the issues it might encounter. We look forward to helping you.

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