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Your Trusted Drain Cleaning Supplier

Get the top-quality drain products and Sovent insights you need to keep things flowing and improve drainage system efficiency from So-Flo Liquid Solutions. We're pleased to be a trusted Sovent and DWV environmentally-friendly biological drain maintenance supplier that keeps quality front-and-center at all times while also being mindful of client needs, concerns, and priorities.


Industry Leaders

So-Flo Liquid Solutions is a drain cleaning supplier that also provides consultations for clients who are relatively new to Sovent systems. Commercial drain systems are frequently used and subjected to a wide range of materials on a regular basis. This is why we give both individual clients and larger-scale commercial clients access to the supplies and consultation services needed to keep commercial drains functioning fully. We're also an industry leader thanks to our firm commitment to providing products that are effective and environmentally safe, particularly So-Flo Plus. We also lead the industry in manufacturer and customer approval and strive to provide world-class service for every contract, large or small. Whether we’re working with an individual client or a company, we guarantee you’ll receive only the best quality products and service from us. Let us know what we can do for you today.

Meeting Your Commercial Needs

We're the experts you can call on regardless of where you are located. We serve commercial customers nationwide looking for safe, reliable products and solutions that will keep drain systems working as intended. Simply get in touch with us and we'll gladly help you get the products or solutions you need. Choosing So-Flo Liquid Solutions for either Sovent consulting or drain cleaning products means you can expect:


  • Reasonable, transparent pricing

  • Eco-friendly products

  • Cost-effective drainage system options for your consideration

  • Products that meet U.S. EPA safer product standards


All our manufactured products are fully tested for bacterial viability. These products are also evaluated to confirm the ability of the bacteria to produce the enzymes required to properly and efficiently digest organic materials in drain systems. What's more, we also maintain strict quality control and quality assurance standards and protocols within lab and manufacturing facilities.

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Reliable Drain Products

Our drain products are second to none when it comes to effectiveness and ease of use. So-Flo Plus, our leading drain product, is a proprietary blend of beneficial bacteria. Ideal for Sovent plumbing systems, this eco-friendly mixture keeps water flowing by:


  • Reducing drain odors

  • Breaking down fats, grease, sugars, starches, and protein

  • Easily getting into hard-to-reach spots often found within Sovent drainage systems


While So-Flo Plus is designed for Sovent systems, it also works well on other commercial drain systems. Furthermore, our drain maintenance products aren't corrosive, nor will they negatively affect the environment as they move out of your drain lines.

In-Depth Sovent Consulting Services

Our knowledgeable staff is prepared to give you all the information you'll need if you're ready to explore your options with an innovative single-stack drainage system. Sovent systems used patented technology to slow down the velocity of liquid and solid drain materials.


Perfect for a variety of commercial settings that include high-rise buildings, industrial plants and facilities, and hotels, these plumbing systems make the drainage process much more efficient. When you contact us to take advantage of our Sovent consulting services, our experienced team take the time to:


  • Explain how the performance of soil and waste drainage systems can be improved

  • Go over all aspects of design and implementation

  • Provide a better understanding of how Sovent systems are set up and maintained

  • Answer any questions you may have so you can make a well-informed decision about what's right for your needs and budget

  • Help clients in determining their best options 

  • Vet contractors


Contact Our Team

Find out what So-Flo Liquid Solutions can do for your commercial drain and plumbing system. Call us or fill out our form and schedule a consultation. You may also reach out to us if you are interested in becoming a distributor.

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